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Can you edit / correct photos?

Yes we can! We can do as much or as little as you want... with over 10 years experience in retouching images, almost any changes and edits can be made, from simple skin blemishes to a cheeky nip and tuck isn't a problem and is included in the price. It can be our little secret!

I already have pictures from a photoshoot...

Need something changing? No problem. We also provide a touch up edit service for any picture you may have. 

Below is a client with the skin smoothed and wrinkles removed on the face and hand

Click The Image to Zoom

Watch and ring removed, skin tone smoother and subtle slimming on the arm

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Touch Up / Edit Services

If you have a photo of any kind we can help do almost anything to get exactly how you want it. Wrinkles, Jewellery or even entire people / items can be removed!
Original Image (Taken with camera phone)
People and scaffolding removed
Colour, details, buildings and subtle touches to complete the image!
Click any of the images to zoom in

​Repair a damaged / Torn Photo

If you have original picture that you would like digitising or repairing (coffee rings, folds and tears etc) we can help.

Our high resolution scanners can import the image and we then set to work doing what we can to repair the issue to either return the digital file and or get the new version printed and sent out to you. 

Modify a picture...

Do you have a camera phone picture that is precious and would like to have it enhanced? get in touch, you can either email the picture for a free assessment and advice / samples of what we can do for you.

How Much???...

Here's the good news, all of the above are free to get an assessment and advice. You don't need to pay a penny until you receive the product you requested and are completely satisfied. The prices for repairs are very reasonable.

If you'd like to talk to us, please call 07460 097 369


Here are some examples:

Existing photo shoot touch up: £5 per image

Repair a damaged print: £10-20 (Depending on size and amount of damage)

Modify a picture: Varies but no more than £10 per image.

Don't forget! These are a guide and for bulk submissions, we can offer a better price!

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