Module 1 - Sergeant

From SGT Gillespie.


“The victim is James Hudson, 24 years; from Flat 4 Gilbert Croft Balsall Heath, Birmingham. Following instructions from the FIM; victims’ clothing has been bagged and the hospital has taken pre-transfusion blood. Hudson has been stabbed three times in the abdomen and he has some bruising to his face. He was conscious when I saw him but they’ve taken him to surgery. I told him his family were here but he said he didn’t want to see anyone.


I’ve got one officer with his friends and family in the A&E reception area. There are seven of them here. They have calmed down and are not causing any trouble at the moment, but they want to know what has happened to Hudson.


A&E Sister Bernadette Jones says Hudson was dropped off by a silver car at the doors to A&E. His friends and family arrived five or ten minutes after that.


I’ve spoken to his brother, who does seem a little bit ‘anti-police’, who says he does not believe that James Hudson has any reason to be stabbed; and he does not know who has done this, or why. The whole family are a bit ‘anti’ especially James’ girlfriend Monique. I tried to speak to her, but she just kept ranting on “Where was you when he was being cut up? You knew this would happen”. I only know her name cos James brother was kept telling her “Leave it alone Monique”. She’s the one in the Pauls’ Boutique jacket and leggings.


We are going to have to clear in a few minutes, the jobs are backing up. Is there anything else I can tell you before I go?”




What are your considerations and decisions following this update; as well as the developments from this morning?




WMP Investigative Training 2021