Module 1 

Crime Scene Management

Kings Heath Witness  - Summary of information given by Michael Coughlin 


        Summary of conversation with Mr Michael ‘Mikey’ Coughlin 36 years; NFA. He had attended Kings Heath Police Station at 1930 hours today; could not access the station as closed enquiry office. Coughlin reported having seen a fight outside Pepe’s Takeaway; which is at Kings Heath High Street @ Grange Road. approx. 15 minutes prior. Coughlin is homeless and was sitting in a doorway opposite Pepe’s Takeaway incident. Saw 3 men near to a silver BMW car outside of Pepe’s Takeaway they had been in the shop and were eating whilst standing near the car. Two of the men went back into the shop leaving one by the car. A black VW Golf had arrived and 3 black men had got out of the car and then started an argument with the man by the BMW. It got violent and then they started fighting. 

        The lone man suddenly staggered backwards and then fell to the ground; his 2 friends then came out the takeaway; and starting fighting with the 3 ‘offenders’. The offenders then jumped back into the Golf car and drove off. The man on the ground was carried into the BMW and the men drove him away, at speed. The injured man did not look well; he looked unconscious and blood on his clothes.  

BMW car; silver; part registration ##54JOH 

Black VW Golf registration written by Coughlin - DF67 CPZ 

Pepe’s Takeaway; Kings Heath High Street @ Grange Road B14 7JZ.   

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