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Module 4 Portal

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Welcome to the lecture portal!

The highlight aspects of the course are discussions on intel, coroner process, forensics with additional chats with the major crime lab.

International liaison and enquiries, covert and advanced disclosure considerations.

As a point of reference to the days, here is a link to the padlet for you to add your contributions:


Open discussion for the group to discuss their current day to day experience with the various functions of force level Intelligence. 

FIB, RTIC and Specialist departmental specific functions to share what they bring and what they can add to an investigation.

Click the above video for the CCTV Footage


Click the icon to view the case timeline


Hudson is dead... he didn't make it through the surgery and his body is now in the mortuary. 

This session will guide you through the experience and challenges of what to do with the body, why and how to request a full forensic post mortem and everything in between when family want the body released.


Now we have a murder investigation, lets sit down with a crime scene co-ordinator and a forensic scientist from the major crime lab.

Neil & Chunky will be having a Q&A with both to see what opportunities are available and what may have been overlooked as time and external factors have passed. 


Click button above to view the scene images

Major Crime Lab - Scientist - Phil Field

Scenes of Crime - Crime Scene Co-ordinators

Covert Policing

A twist in the story will require some assistance from the covert authorities and source handling unit...


The above icon provides a brief summary of RIPA and directed surveillance and the image to the right opens the how-to guide to filling in an application. 

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Advanced Disclosure & PII


A short guide and flow chart with some of the main points that covers PII and advanced disclosure in trials

International Investigations

Contained in this two-part round table chat, we talk to Kate Jeffries and ask some questions about how we make contact with, deal and potentially arrest individuals who are outside of the UK.

Ghost - who is believed to have been present at the stabbing has appeared to have fled to Paris, France following him not answering calls and Cycomms checks showing his phone being used in the centre of Paris over the last few days. - At this stage, we are treating him as a witness. 


Self Learning

The college of policing have a number of learning objectives to provide as part of Module 4, here are the links to those reference elements.  



Domestic Homicide / Special Case Reviews


Resilience & Wellbeing


Witness & Victim Care


Module 4 Strategy Form

Finally! we got to the end of the material and now you can share and record your thoughts as to what you would consider, carry out / disregard if you were the OIC for Op Knight - Hudsons murder....

The form does not autosave, we recommend using word and pasting your responses if you provide longer answers just in case you have a page crash. 

WMP Investigative Training 2021

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