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Here are our recommended areas for booking a hotel nearby in Shropshire


Worfield is a small village hall...

Equally located between Wolverhampton and Telford.

Birmingham to Shrewsbury trains run through Wolverhampton and Telford every hour, It takes about one hour to ride the train from the airport to "Telford Central"

Both Telford and Wolves are 20 min drive to the venue

Plan on the day for travel?

With no suitable accommodation near the venue...


We plan to arrange travel to pick up guests from the central hotels in Telford on the day and take you back at night.

Plus, if you have any spare time, there is far more to do in Telford - Bars/Restaurants/shopping! 


So where do I Book?

We think these suggestions are the best based on location for the center, cost and accessibility without a car....

You are welcome to find somewhere you prefer to book, please tell us as we need to adjust the pick up

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